Our Wedding Party

Amie’s Party

Courtney Jonathan and Amie in Australia_miniMaid of Honor, Courtney Peterson

Courtney and Amie have known each other since their first year at NYU School of Law, when they sat together in their Contracts class. Courtney and Amie have bonded over sushi dinners, frozen yogurt, ski trips, a two-week adventure in Australia, and hikes in upstate NY. Courtney is an amazing cook and has the perfect outfit for every occasion, and Amie subsists on take-out and lives in her t-shirt and jeans, yet this Felix & Oscar combo make it work. Amie is so excited Courtney is her maid of honor… and Courtney is hoping there’ll be karaoke at the bachelorette party so she can belt out “Free Your Mind”!


Amy Amie and the guys in Vegas_miniAmy Maloney

Amy and Amie have known each other for over ten years. They spotted each other across a crowded party Carrie Walsh was hosting and have been giggling together since. Amy and Amie love grabbing dinners together after work. When Sean and Jonathan join them, they fight to get a word in edgewise while the ladies crack jokes, catch up on their lives, and reach across the table to try each other’s food. Don’t let her smile fool you; she is a high-powered NY lawyer, though sometimes when Amy’s hubby thinks she is “working late”, she is really sneaking in a few episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Hulu.


When Tina became a Broder_miniTina Broder

See if you can follow this story. When Amie was in high school (1996-2000), she was on the debate team and traveled around the country competing and meeting awesome people. One of those people was Tina, who debated for her Northern California high school. After high school they lost touch. Fast forward to 2007. Amie’s brother, Eric, moves to California, joins Match.com and meets Tina. Tina and Eric chat about their families and something clicks for Tina. Eric is Amie’s brother! Eric and Tina fall in love, get married, and the universe once again proves how small it really can seem sometimes.  Tina loves gardening, fostering dogs, and eating oodles of noodles!


Carrie introduces Amie to Tommy_miniCarrie Walsh

Carrie and Amie have known each other since 1996, when Amie was a high school freshman trying out for the debate team and Carrie was a sophisticated junior who watched her audition. Back then, Carrie wore Adidas shelltops and bell bottom jeans, and flaunted her natural curly brown hair. The two were debate partners and then friends. Amie visited Carrie when she started at UPenn, and when Amie was finishing up her undergrad at Harvard and Carrie was at Harvard Law, the two loved getting brunch together and swapping boy-drama stories.


Jonathan’s Party

Jon and ShannonBest Man, Shannon Shorr

Shannon is Jonathan’s first and best friend from poker. They have been traveling the poker circuit together since 2006. Shannon works hard to constantly better himself, both physically and mentally. He spends most of his time traveling the live poker circuit playing the biggest poker tournaments in the world.


576163_105284196330551_344696117_n [www.imagesplitter.net]Jon Moore

Jonathan met Jon Moore in the high school band. Despite constantly battling it out for the #1 trumpet player position, they became best friends. They also attended many of the same classes together. After high school, Jon served in the Marines for four years. He now lives in San Diego, California with his wife Holley.


Jon and GarrettGarrett Little

Garrett is Jonathan’s 24 year old brother. He currently resides in Pensacola, Florida with Jonathan’s parents. Despite being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at an early age, Garrett currently has a full-time job working at Coastal Insulation. He loves being around animals and going to Disney World.


Jon and EricEric Broder

When Jonathan started dating Amie, he met her brother Eric. Eric currently lives in Oakland, California with his wife (and Amie’s bridesmaid) Tina. He is a web designer for a solar energy company. Eric enjoys camping, playing basketball, and spending time with his pit bulls.


Our Parents

164_miniGary and Orit Broder

Amie considers herself very lucky to call her parents her best friends.  Amie’s favorite memories with her dad involve watching the NY Giants and Marx Brothers movies, going on ski trips, and pulling out the massive dictionary she had as a kid whenever Gary wanted to teach her a new word. Amie’s favorite memories with her mom involve looking for the best Eggs Benedict in NYC, shopping, and their mother-daughter Caribbean vacations. Gary is a computer programmer and Orit is a production manager at an outerwear company. They live in Brooklyn, NY.


Larry and Rita Little

Jonathan’s parents currently live in Pensacola, Florida. Larry is a lineman with Gulf Power and Rita finds jobs for her disabled clients. Jonathan fondly remembers learning chess from his dad when he was young. He vividly remembers Rita cooking spaghetti, his favorite meal, for him. Each year, Larry and Rita spend the summer with Jonathan in Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker.


Our Officiant

IMG_3665_miniEddie Mantell

Eddie Mantell (or “Uncle Eddie”, as Amie has grown up calling him) is her dad’s best friend and the closest thing that Amie has to a godfather. Uncle Eddie and Aunt Lori have two kids around the same age as Amie and Eric, and the two families have spent a lot of time together over the years at BBQs, pool parties, dinners, shows, trapeze classes, and now weddings. Making friends with everyone he meets, Uncle Eddie welcomed Jonathan to the family as soon as he met him. Jonathan and Amie absolutely love their Uncle Eddie, and could not think of anyone better to do the honor of marrying them.